Voodoo Vera – Tiv

I didn’t know a lot about Tiv, but I saw him, as they say, and he saw me.

Being seen can save your life, and you never know who’s going to see you.

Love appears in unexpected places.

I was 12 years old, and in the 1st National Tour of Annie. I’d escaped my dysfunctional family in Chicago, and joined another dysfunctional family ie the cast on the road. I was in heaven.

Unlike the other girls, my mother couldn’t join me. It was a blessing. I stayed with friends of friends, a Unitarian minister and his family. I couldn’t have asked for nicer people. Lonely at times, but mostly relieved to be free of my abusive mother, free from my sisters who were stiflingly close to me. I indulged myself in the privilege of having my own room, and seeing the world through my own eyes. I’d stay up late after shows, watching Baretta, and eating Chef Boyardee. Enjoying the finer things in life. Sleeping until noon. Going to “school” with the other girls, which meant goofing off with a tutor until until 3:00. Then, home to rest before the evening show.

I was living the good life, and I knew it.

Being a Swing, which is an understudy for multiple roles, afforded me additional freedom. I got to perform a lot, but there was plenty of time for hanging out backstage. Backstage was where the party was. Intrigue, drama, colorful personalities, spontaneous play. Performing was fun, but monotonous, scripted. Backstage, I made the rounds like Eloise at the Plaza. I heard and saw things, I probably shouldn’t have, but I loved being the observer, and I loved my adult friends.

My most beloved were a collection of gay men; Wayne, Steve, Moose, Charles and Tiv.

Of course, most of the men in the show were gay. It was theatre, after all, but not all of them were my friends, because gay people, as you may or may not know, are just people. Some you click with, and some you don’t.

Tiv and Charles did the wigs and makeup. I assumed they were a couple, but I’m pretty sure now that assumption was wrong. Tiv had red hair, a beard, and a handlebar mustache. Edgy, intense, and at times, intimidating, he got a kick out of me, and I, him. I was skilled with edgy people due to my mother. I could handle Tiv. I knew to stay out of his way when it was busy, how to make him laugh, and when to go in for a hug.

“Here comes Voodoo Vera!” Tiv would say, as I entered the room. Then Charles would start in. The name of the game was making up names for me, based on the notion that I wanted the other girls to get sick so I could go on. Chicken Pox Polly. Florence Influenza. Voodoo Vera was my favorite.The twinkle in their eyes, as they teased, delighted me. I enjoyed being their target, the inspiration for fictional femme fatales with secret powers. I’d always fancied myself a good witch, but a lead role made me happy. I loved it. I loved them.

Many years later, as an adult living in Manhattan, I got a call from a friend of a friend of Tivs.

Tiv was in hospital, and dying. The friend had gone through Tivs things, and found some memorabilia regarding me. Would I be able to visit Tiv?

As a kid, I sort of went berserk while visiting my dad when he was in a coma. Since then, I’d avoided hospitals, when at all possible, but now I’d been asked by Tivs friend, and Tiv had saved something of me, and Tiv was alone, and Tiv was dying.

I went to the hospital, and it was not unlike the scene with my father years before. Tiv could barely talk. I could barely stop crying. I don’t think I was much help. He was in a lot of pain. He didn’t need me falling apart. I tried.

Days later, Tiv died, and his friend sent me the memorabilia.

It was a Voodoo doll.

Something I’d put it together as a gift for Tiv, when I left the tour.

I’d forgotten all about it.

Tiv had kept it for 30 years.

It was a small beanie baby like figure of a man with a large pearl-headed pin, and it came with instructions, “The Voo Doo Doll” Owners Manuel.

I could see why he kept it.

Being seen can save your life, and you never know who’s going to see you.

Last year, I was pulled from the clutches of death, by a man I’d never met, in a place I didn’t understand.

I never asked who he slept with, or who he voted for.

I never asked Tiv either.

Love appears in unexpected places, and it’s love that save us.



“The Voo Doo Doll” Owners Manuel.

To the owner,

This Voo Doo Doll is amazing! It can be any Male person you know or know of. Remember this Doll can not be used on a Female person! Also It can not be used on children of any sex male or female.


* Directions *

1.) Take the doll and place it on a bare table. (picture)

2.) Take the pin (picture) and place it on the table also.
3.) Now, you must think very deeply this persons name. You must concentrate! For exsaple if this persons name is………Tiv! You must think Tiv, Tiv, Tiv. While your thinking Tiv, Tiv, Tiv you must also say it. Just keep repeating the name (Tiv, Tiv, Tiv.)
4.) While your doing this you must take the Pin and the Doll and stick the pin where you want it to hurt. Remember! The harder you press and the farther you put the pin in the more it hurts! The longer you keep it in the Longer it hurts!
5.) You are done!
P.S. If this proses dose

not work dim the lights

and light Square Black

candles. And repeat the



one male Voo Doo Doll.

one Voo Doo Pin.


You can also do things like, if you want this person to get chicken Pox, you can

put red dots all over them. If you want them to choke, you can

tie a rope around their neck and so on.

Thank – you

for buying our product. It really










About honor finnegan

I'm a singer-songwriter, storyteller, and essayist. Also, a special education itinerant pre-k teacher, Heartfulness meditation trainer, and New Yorker.
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    On of the best yet. You see the universe in a grain of sand.

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